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About the Artist - Val Lev

I am a self-taught artist inspired by ancient subjects, whether historical or myth and am influenced by the detail of Aboriginal art and the classic beauty of Art Deco. I paint on mid-size to very large canvas with acrylic paint and tiny brushes, a style I call “Mosaic Pointillism.”

Each painting tells a story and depicts an optical illusion between 2D and 3D. There are a total of five to seven layers required to achieve the optical illusion, and depending on size can take 450 to 2000 hours to complete. When I have an idea of a painting, I visualize it completed, and break down each layer in a backward manner until I have the foundation layer plotted in my mind.

I enjoy working on each and every layer, as they are all quite unique and challenging. I truly enjoy every moment from start to finish. My hope is you will enjoy viewing them.

Bio Pic - Val 0820.jpeg
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